• The glass of the main facade at ABC Dbayeh were highly contaminated with Limescale. The only solution was renovation and protection using the ClearShield System.
  • a diversity of application
  • Track records in all market sectors of the flat glass industry.
  • When applied on solar panels, the ClearShield System provides greater photovoltaic performance with less maintenance.
  • maintains visibility and clarity during rain.
  • adds real value to glass by maintaining its original values of light transmission, clarity and cleanability.
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Solutions for ‘Problem Glass’ in Buildings Before, During and After Installation

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Ritec ClearShield to Celebrate 35th Anniversary at Glasstec!

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There are many brands of glass surface treatments on the market today, but only six types of technologies. Most products are re-brands and some claim to be new technologies, but are not. The six types of glass surface treatment technologies include three categories of water- repellents, two types of titanium dioxide (TiO2) “self cleaning” glasses and one technology for durable glass surface protection. The only glass surface protection technology proven in durability under all types of conditions is Ritec ClearShield with “non-stick”, easy-clean performance.
ClearShield at a Glance

ClearShield® is the only glass surface treatment that is: 

 1. "Non-stick" – always much easier to clean and keep clean

 2. Durable Glass Surface Protection – maintains original visibility, clarity & cleanability

 3. Strong performance  – suitable for all types of glass, exterior and interior

 4Energy-saving and “green” - reduces routine glass washing, 50% less on average

 5. Light-enhancing – maintains original light transmission and day-lighting

 6. Anti-microbial – resistant to adhesion and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi 

 7. Accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 - and multiple award winner for innovation

 8. Complete System - renovation, protection & maintenance

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